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🎶 Elevate your audiovisual experience with our Sound Control Bar! 🎵

Crafted with precision and innovation, our sound control bar features an aluminum alloy integrated molding housing for durability and sleek aesthetics.

💡 Enjoy an immersive visual spectacle with 32 segment widening lights, ensuring dynamic range and vivid display. Our exclusive custom widening lights strip sets us apart from the competition, offering unparalleled visual effects.

⚙️ Customize your lighting experience with adjustable settings for rising speed, falling speed, holding time, and peak falling speed. The microphone sensitivity and AGC reaction speed can be fine-tuned across 30 levels for optimal performance.

🔊 With a built-in highly sensitive microphone, our sound control bar responds to voice commands for seamless operation. Choose from no less than 8 display modes, 18 color modes, and 4 levels of brightness adjustment to suit your mood and environment.

📐 Compact and lightweight, our sound control bar is easy to install and use. The intuitive single-button operation simplifies setup, while the MicroUSB input interface ensures compatibility with various devices.

⚡️ Powered by a DC 5V/1A input, our sound control bar is energy-efficient and comes with a Micro-USB power cord for convenience. Additionally, the DIY function allows you to customize your favorite colors, while the time setting feature enables you to schedule on/off times according to your preferences.

📦 Each package includes:

  • 1x RGB Light
  • 1x Plastic base
  • 4x Transparent double-sided tape
  • 1x Micro-USB power cord
  • 1x Manual

Upgrade your audiovisual setup with our innovative Sound Control Bar today! 🌟

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