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Introducing our Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush – the ultimate beauty tool that's as playful as it is powerful! Get ready to revolutionize your skincare routine with this multifunctional wonder, combining innovation, style, and ease.


- **Multiple Functions:** This little beauty machine is a two-in-one powerhouse, serving as both a facial massager and a facial cleaner.

- **4 LED Lights & 4 Modes:** Customize your skincare experience with 4 photon lights and different face care modes for personalized pampering.

- **Cleaning Mode:** Green light and adjustable vibration intensity ensure effective cleaning for different skincare needs.

- **Output Mode:** Blue light, EMS micro-current, vibration, and heat work together to efficiently remove face impurities.

- **Import Mode:** Red light, EMS micro-current, vibration, and heat enhance the absorption of your favorite skincare products.

- **Photon Therapy Mode:** Multispectral phototherapy, with added heat, pampers your face for a rejuvenating experience.

- **User-Friendly Design:** Compact, USB rechargeable, and IPX7 waterproof for safe and convenient use.

**4 Light Functions:**

1) **Blue Light:** Fight against acne, balance oil and moisture for a radiant complexion.
2) **Green Light:** Improve skin condition, leaving you with brightened and smooth skin.
3) **Red Light:** Lift and firm, stimulate collagen for a more youthful appearance.
4) **Multispectral Phototherapy:** Recover your skin from any damage, improving blood circulation.

**How to Use:**

1) Power on/off with a long press of the ON/OFF button.
2) Short press for mode switch.
3) Adjust vibration intensity with [LOW] and [HIGH] buttons.


- Material: Silicone, Stainless Steel
- Voltage: DC5V
- Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
- Single Usage Time: 4 mins (auto power off after 1 min of no operation)
- Waterproof: IPX7
- Item Size: 6.5x6.5cm
- Panel Diameter: 4.7cm
- Colors: Blue, Pink

**Package Content:**
1 x Main Device
1 x USB Cord
1 x Metal Fixing Circle

Upgrade your skincare routine with our revolutionary products – because beauty should be as fun as it is effective!

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