Car Interior LED Ambient Lights

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Car Interior LED Ambient Lights are decorative lighting strips designed to enhance the ambiance inside a car. They come with various features to create a visually appealing and customizable lighting experience. The LED ambient lights are available in different lengths, typically offered in 1 meter, 3 meters, and 5 meters. This allows users to choose the appropriate length based on their specific car interior design and layout. The LED ambient lights create a party-like atmosphere inside the car, making it suitable for social gatherings, celebrations, or simply adding a touch of excitement to the interior. Additionally, the lights serve as decorative elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the car's interior.




Color: White / Red / Blue / Green /Pink / Purple / Ice blue / Yellow 
Power: Inverter Power DC12V
Energy Saving, Long Life Time, Life Time more than 10,000 hours
Wire Diameter: 2.3mm
Wire Length: 1/2/3/5 meters
Working temperature:-40C~80C
12V Inverter, Input Voltage DC12V

Package :
Host +USB Driver only. 

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